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Become a Patron for the Arts

La Cappella dei Magi Benozzo Gozzoli (C1421-1497)

Image depicting the infamous Medici Family, one of the most famous patrons of the arts in the world.

For centuries, the arts have been funded by patrons for the arts passionate about taking part in the development of culture; understanding the important role of art, literature and film in celebrating the journey of humankind.

Famous artists and inventors including Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, Mozart, Shakespeare and many more were able to create what are now regarded as master works, which continue to inspire humanity, funded by forward thinking and generous individuals. Because of patrons for the arts, great artists have been able to create great work of lasting cultural importance.​

​Click on the images below to discover the benefits of your patronage. Please note that all donations are eligible for tax deduction.


All patrons receive a credit on the film/project they fund and will be invited to attend our VIP events. Please note, becoming a patron is by application only and a limited number will be accepted per project.

Thank you for considering becoming a patron for Joyvolution Films. Contact us for further information at

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